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Why Should You Buy Vapsi OAO Rechargeable Disposable Vape

by Lynne

Before, the public believed that vaping was as harmful as smoking. However, experts confirmed that it was not so because vapes contain a safe amount of nicotine. Vaping provides a smoking-like experience that eases the transition period of smokers while giving them the needed kick.

The popularity of vaping products opened countless opportunities for manufacturers to market their products. However, most manufacturers manufacture different vapes for beginners and experienced users (because most beginner-friendly devices fail to meet the preferences of experienced vapers). However, the OAO Vapsi vape has struck a balance! Let’s see how.

Rechargeable Despite Being Disposable

Vapes fall into various categories. Most are refillable and rechargeable, but some are only rechargeable (non-refillable). The Vapsi vape falls into the second category, which means it only works until the tank has the juice.

Most disposable vapes lose their capacity to deliver the desired flavors if kept for a long. However, the Vapsi vape preserves the taste of the juices, and the rechargeability allows you to savor the vapors for an extended period.

More Puffs

Vapsi beats its competitors regarding the number of puffs. It can produce up to 6000 puffs from its tank! In contrast, most other vapes only allow two or three thousand puffs. The increased number of puffs makes it a commendable choice for experienced vapors. Usually, vapes start sputtering before they have had their punch.

Amazing Flavors

Since disposable vapes are temporary, most models come in only 5 to 6 flavors. However, Vapsi offers 12 different flavors. You can try raspberry, mint, lemon, classic tobacco, and many others.

Large Battery

Most disposable rechargeable vapes have batteries up to 280 mAh. Higher powers are available but are not so common and are naturally more expensive. However, the Vapsi vape incorporates a 650mAh battery which helps preserve the flavor and the freshness until the very last draw.


Most users like to pocket their disposable vapes when not in use. But what if there is no pocket? Luckily, the vape comes with a sturdy, flexible lanyard which promotes portability. You can hang it with your bag or a wristband and go about your business without worrying about dropping it.

Appealing Design

The most distinguishing feature of the Vapsi vape is its adorable design. It looks like a mini snuff bottle and weighs only 72 g (even 100 g nicotine packs are heavier than it!). The dimensions scale up to 45mmx 45mmx70mm of height, width, and breath. You can easily envelop it in your palm if a non-vaping friend comes along the way.

Bigger Cartridge

The Vapsi vape uses a high-capacity cartridge of 12ml. It is larger than most disposable vapes and provides more draws than other competing products.

Final Verdict

The OAO Vapsi vape is no doubt a remarkable product. It has a high-capacity cartridge, a bigger battery, and an adorable exterior available in 12 matte colors.

Moreover, it is incredibly lightweight and uses a lanyard for easy portability. It makes an excellent choice for beginners because it has food-sized mouthpieces to make easy draws.

Also, it is budget-friendly, so you can easily try it without much expense. The astounding number of puffs, good capacity liquid tank, and variety of flavors (specifically classic tobacco) make it a preference for experienced vapers.

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